We're Back At It Again!

Cookies have been the means into a heart for the past 5 years. For many, the Christmas season is a time of great joy and celebration. But for others, it is a time of deep depression and loneliness. In fact, it holds the highest suicide rates of the year. We wanted to do something to show people that someone was thinking about them. So we hit the city streets with thousands of home-made Christmas cookies!

Over the years, we have seen suicides prevented, comfort brought to those going through divorce, and joy as well as relief shown by parents who just did not have anything to give to their children. Not to mention, a good portion of our school children have come from the cookie outreach! For some, they expressed that our cookies were the only thing that they received for Christmas that year. Pray with us as we see God use these cookies this year!

If you are interested in participating in any part of cookie outreach (baking, bagging, tagging, or handing them out), please call (717) 220-5050 and we will plug you in!

Also, donations can be made online at:

Checks payable to:
Grace Women
PO Box 301
Shrewsbury, PA 17361
Memo: Christmas Outreach

Grace Words Christian Academy Is Under Way

We have been very busy these summer months. Our active ministry in the inner city of York, PA has really taken off. By popular demand, the parents of the area have asked us to open a Christian School and by some miracle as we have taken steps forward, God has continually opened the door. Sometimes, even thrusted us through the door.

Meet Grace Words Christian Academy.

We have been officially approved the Pennsylvania board of education as an educational institution. We are currently in the process of assessment testing as we enroll new students for the fall. Please really pray for as we transform the lives of these young ones from the streets of York.

We have seen the deep needs of the city’s children and the problems with the public school systems. GWCA directly targets children in the inner-city, many of which are being raised by single parents who do not have adequate income for private school tuition. Therefore, in order to keep costs down, all of the teaching staff has agreed to teach for free. However, we still need sponsorships for many of the children in our school. Please consider supporting the tuition of a child or donating to the general fund to help our school continue to transform the lives of the children around us.

Tuition costs per student, including textbooks, runs about $2000/year. Donations can be made in a lump sum up front or on a recurring basis. When donating, please indicate in the memo: GWCA Sponsorship. There are also many other needs for the school. If you would like to donate towards start-up or day to day operational costs, please indicate in the memo: GWCA. Thank you so much for partnering with us!

A Big Thank You From South Africa

As I have the privilege of going on these little missions, I am fascinated by the impact that a spirit-filled woman of God can make. I almost wonder if we have the greater means, sometimes, in bringing about God's glory here on earth because we so easily slip under the radar and comfort with a sensitivity that many but God know about. But, perhaps that is as it should be, that each portion has a vision for how they can bring about the fullness of God, where every joint supplies.

As previously mentioned, before we arrived, Sophie had been teaching the ladies an Intensified course on having a quiet time. This was modeled after La Tascha's Bible studies over the summer. It was our vision to impart an eternal resource of comfort, strength, and vision to the ladies of South Africa long after our departure and certainly after Buyi's death. The 6 of us arrived in time to teach the last portion of the course and then celebrate with a graduation. P. Jabu was deeply broken by this event, saying that Buyi would have been smiling from ear to ear if she could have been there. He then proceeded to go from table to table to tell us the story of each lady there. Each one, he explained, was an outcast of society. Nobody has cared about them. They are from the slums of the vestiges of apartheid, some of them trapped in very intense situations. But that day, they were to be honored and celebrated. Each woman wearing the very best outfit they could find, coming in nervously, but full of excitement. Never had they been to a dinner like this! God was very present at this celebration, also, I can imagine, grinning from ear to ear to each previous child honored as He intended. By the end, the ladies could not contain themselves and burst out into song and dancing. Thank you God, for letting me be a part. Thank you, for all who donated money to put the function on, and Lifeway, for each one of those journals - I could not have been prouder to bless them with the gifts that we did. It really meant so much.

After the conference was over, Nyasha and some of the other ladies spent some days with the teenage girls of the particular township (slum) of Nelmapius. Sessions were held on purity, and the value of their life. The teens were greatly ministered to. This message is so vital with teenage pregnancy running rampant and promises of "love", "value" and a "better future" through wrong relationships. We have a small moment to speak and to warn before a young lady's life can change permanently. P Jabu was burdened knowing he could only say so much before it really required a woman to go in deep and speak to the heart.

Meanwhile, God had other plans in ministering to P Jabu after the death of his wife. As we were picking up the kids one day for school, La Tascha saw a sign for Megapaints and decided to turn in. P Jabu was in disbelief but in my heart I was rejoicing. This is exactly what I had envisioned as well. We had just spent the last couple of days cleaning out his bedroom. The memory of Buyi's death was too much to bear and was causing sleepless nights and deep sadness. He had no capacity to go through her things and was very grateful to have us take over. Soon, the project began to take a life of its own as we began making repairs to long overdo problems in the house, and refurbishing the room. All I kept thinking was how much it was God's heart to give new beginnings. Not to strip P Jabu of the life that he had with his dearly beloved wife, but to be able to treasure the memory of her life, rather than be oppressed by the sharp reality of her death.

As the renovations were under way, the kids became so excited. The youngest one rushed in one day and gave me a hug and said, "thank you so much!" He proceeded to then ask me about when we were going to renovate every other room in the house. The oldest, too, came alive and began working alongside me cleaning and helping with the work. Soon, the waves were made through the whole church. Never had they seen love be so practical and so sacrificial. Yes, by faith, we were doing this on our own dime with the inevitable sleepless nights and plain old hard work. But, the results were more than could be desired. The South African churches came alive, the York church was deeply blessed by getting behind the work and covering the majority of the renovation costs! The house maid was transformed by her witness of the love of God, the children were restored, and yes, P. Jabu was deeply ministered to. He kept saying only heaven will reveal what we had done.

What a trip, from the ladies of the Intensified course, to the teens of Nelmapius, to the family of P Jabu and the South African churches, all the way back to our church in York, thank you God for allowing us to be broken vessels available for your use. We have been deeply edified. Thank you all who have stood behind us. Your reward is great.

A Quiet Time Series In Honor of Buyi

When La Tascha and I arrived in South Africa on the 14th of December, due to the death of Pastor Jabu’s wife, Buyi, we purposed to be a support and a blessing to Pastor Jabu, his family and also both churches in Nelmapius and Arcadia and to help wherever we could help. Buyi was very instrumental in the lives of all these ladies and had a great ministry to them and so, her loss was a shock to many people and the ladies of both churches were definitely feeling her absence. We wanted to leave the ladies with something eternal and personal. So, we had discussions with Pastor Jabu and decided to teach a six week intensified course on Quiet Time (a series, Latascha has done in Uganda, France and the USA), where we would conclude the course with a certificate, a devotional and a devotional Bible. We believed by faith, this would be the perfect timing for this, as something like this, has never been done been done before in South Africa. We knew God would be glorified and deep, sorrowing hearts would be met in a personal way.

So, we began the course on the 20th of January. Our meeting place was at the church in Nelmapius Township, where we would meet in one of the church containers from 6pm-8pm. From the first night, I was shocked by the attendance. We were pretty much a packed container of women, from all ages, young and old, meeting for the first time and allowing God to teach us, how we can take all our needs and cares to Him. The following week, we also were packed and this continued for the entire duration of the course. There was such an expectation and such desperation, that the women kept coming. Questions were being asked week after week by mother’s, teenagers, single women and young single mom’s on the possibilities that God would actually delight to meet with them, personally, every day and that He not only delights but longs for such an encounter. We saw God move and to give you a small taste of the type of lives that were there, there was a lady called Eunice, who has been in a mental institution from 1989-2017 (she was discharged 2 weeks before the course began), who wrote: “These 6 weeks have taught me to spend precious time with God. It has taught me how to survive 28 years of Weskoppies Mental Institution and to be quiet, like Jesus, who stood before Pontius Pilate. Now I know I can talk to Him.”

We also, received one of our dear teachers, mothers and head Pastor’s wife from Uganda, Millie Muhima, who survived cancer and has been teaching many of the ladies in Uganda, to teach our last session on the 24th of February. The ladies were so blessed that she would come from so far and minister to them and hear and see what a life with God can do and what a ministry one can have who has a personal and deep walk with God. Now, we are anticipating, La Tascha, who taught these classes and who gave us her material to re-teach, who is coming with five other ladies, as a culmination of the end of the course. It will include 3 days of intensified training along with a ceremony of certificates and gifts of devotionals and journals and a dinner celebration for all the ladies. Our intention with the parting gifts are to give these ladies tools to continue to have a Quiet Time long after we depart. We have 40 women total and have calculated that it will cost about $5000 to hold the celebratory dinner and to equip them with the set of devotionals and journals. Please partner with us in giving towards this endeavor by donating on our site and putting “South Africa” in the memo line. We also covet your prayers. We believe this will be the beginning of a deep movement amongst the ladies in a quiet, but powerful way.

Update and praise report: We were able to find a cheaper venue for the dinner, Lifeway Christian Bookstores donated all of the devotional journals, and money came in from Cyprus, and so praise God, we are covered!

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