By Grace We Go

As the Grace Women medical missionary team to Mityana, our motto states, “By Grace We Go”. We believe that God is doing something in our lives because we believe there is healing in going. That is why we keep on going to Mityana - every time there is a need and also how God’s healing comes to be manifested in the lives of the Children of Grace both in Mityana and Nansana.

We began our missionary medical trip/team in late April 2011. We believe that next year we will have some women of valour joining us on our team as we treat the children. These women will also be ministering grace and edifying the women around Mityana especially in the churches of Kabule and Mityana.

In 2010, I began to teach classes on First Aid and Basic Nursing, starting with the introduction to First Aid principles. These medical facts have helped us a lot in our medical trip to Mityana especially on the side of my First Aid students. They are the foundation for every trip we take because we have to apply what we have learned.

We have seen firsthand how God designed the medical field in order to draw men to Himself. There is nothing we can do for God to heal us. He does that according to His will as He desires our bodies (the temple of the Holy Spirit) to be healthy.

We are grateful for the people who are behind us in everything, praying for us and ensuring that we move forward. We are especially thankful for Grace Women and the Nansana Women’s Ministry. May the almighty God bless you spiritually.

Diana K Muliro

Desires Of Our Heart…

Before this medical training I had a desire to know something about medicine because I used to meet people telling me about their sicknesses and I didn’t know how to advise them.  I decided that I would take science subjects at my Advanced Level of school in order to become a nurse. I also asked Mrs. Diana Muliro to help me train during my holidays but all didn’t work out. I did not perform my sciences well and my parents had no money to educate me. I rested in knowing that God has a plan for me even if things looked impossible.

Later on, God opened a door for me to come to the Grace Dormitory and where Mrs. Diana Muliro was willing to teach anyone in the dorm that had a desire, free of charge!! That blessed my heart. One day I went to her for class and God reminded me of how I used to try and make it happen in vain but now I have free classes and with the right person I had desired before. Immediately I thought of the verse that says, “Delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4. I understood that God has His own timing not mine.

We normally get medical trips to Mityana to nurse the children there. This helps us to apply what we have learned. We are blessed to know their names and to see smiles on their faces whenever we go there. On the way there we usually speak to people in the public minibus with us about Christ. Am thankful that Diana teaches us with love and her life speaks to us. She advises us and cares about how we are doing. In His time He makes all things beautiful – Ecclesiastes 3:11.

Hope Nalunga

A Testimony from an Unnamed Country

I have the privilege of traveling several times a year to a country where the name of Jesus is not very welcome by the governing authorities.  The people, on the other hand, are often quite willing and curious to hear about him; many have heard only his name, and many haven't even heard that.  The openness varies, of course, depending on the individual, and also somewhat depending on the location.  I have traveled to different cities in this country, and can sense different ruling spirits of the unseen principalities and authorities, as all laborers in the field become aware of in this battle of the ages.

In the beginning of October, I visited some dear friends in a new, quiet labor in one of these cities.  They have been there two years, praying, making friends, studying the language, steadily sharing very good news with the friends God gives them.  In the last year, several of these very dear people have gotten saved.  The week I traveled there I accompanied my friends visiting many of these new believers and almost-believers, and also having them over often for dinner.  I have the advantage of speaking the language there, having studied it in this country many years ago, and I was again, as I often am, so very thankful that in God's sovereign plan he gave me the opportunity to learn that language.  The joy of being able to freely share Christ there with those He is newly drawing, whether not saved yet or just getting to know Him, is beyond words.  This country is a field white unto harvest.

One of my last evenings there, we had a little ladies Bible study in my friends' apartment.  There were about eight local women, one of whom wasn't saved, the others mostly saved during the last year.  I taught about seeking the Lord and finding Him, learning to recognize Christ when He is "passing by," and seeking His righteousness, seeking His kingdom.  The young spiritual capacities were being stirred, attention and reception were keen.  Afterwards we had a discussion, and the local women were very excited, sharing readily with each other their experience of seeking Christ in their lives, and how their lives had changed since they came to know him and were learning to follow him and put him first.  I just listened, rapt, with tears in my eyes, so privileged to view something hidden yet so great.


Highlights of South Africa

This October, we took our first trip to South Africa and spent time with ladies from two locations: Pretoria and Nellmapius. The two places are only about 20 minutes away from each other by car, but are worlds apart by physical appearance: Pretoria is a bustling city with modern malls and fast food restaurants, and Nellmapius is a rural township with government housing and dirt roads. We were delighted to discover that despite the difference in physical appearance, the ladies from these two locations had something in common: their hunger for the Word. 

East Meets South

October marked the second annual East meets South women’s conference in Zambia. Ladies traveled from Uganda to Zambia to speak and encourage the women in Zambia. We had an incredible time. This was the second and the best, and we really sensed “though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase (Job 8:7)." It was great to see the women in Zambia really begin to see their value before God and begin to see that He has a purpose for them beyond their homes and beyond their normal daily domestic activities. We will be posting the messages and will let the excerpts speak for themselves but a few different instances really blessed us so that we felt that we had to share it with you.

AgnesExactly one year ago, we gave a precious lady, Agnes, an audio recording of the Bible in her own local language, Bemba, on what is known as a "Proclaimer" which we obtained by When we gave it to her, just the way that she held it was such a reminder of what God had always intended His Word to be to us, precious in our eyes. It was just so edifying, and one of the benefits, one of the great benefits, of sharing Christ with people was to see that the value that she had for it a year ago had not diminished, but only increased. She described it as a child, and we were so blessed that she told us her favorite chapter was Hebrews 11 because it told us how much she had been listening to it. She does not read or write – her language or the English language – so this is her only means of knowing God’s Word; and such a great retention she has! Faith truly comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

She shared at the conference and it was so beautiful to hear scripture coming out of her. We were instantly reminded of the time that she asked us to pray for her because she had no means of knowing the Word of God, and she had such a hunger to do so. God has indeed answered her prayer. Her husband tells us that she carries this Proclaimer around with her everywhere. She often invites the women of the neighborhood to listen with her. We were also told that she had to make a long trip to the village where she is from, and took her Proclaimer with her. When she got on the bus that would take her to the village many hours away, she turned the Proclaimer on full blast and told everyone to listen to the Word of God. When she finished playing a part, she then preached the gospel to the entire bus. The Word of God has given her a very holy boldness. This Proclaimer has been the answer for many women for us as women meet in small groups and listen to the Bible in their local language.

Also, it was rewarding to see how the Zambian women responded to the sacrifice of the Ugandan women. After the Ugandan women spoke during the conference, they were in such awe. One woman said to us that she didn’t know that an African women could have so much “content” – could really know the Bible and God’s heart in such a deep way. This is definitely our dream and we are seeing it bit by bit. That African women would, regardless of country, encourage and be a light to other African women that God can be known by them… That the Word of God can be understood by them… And that they, indeed, have a personal call from God. So we will take our time, we will sow this seed – this precious seed, because this is the only lasting kind of harvest, and this is the only kind of harvest that will reproduce itself. Pray for these ladies, pray for these countries: Uganda, Zambia, South Africa – pray for this continent.

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