Focus: Uganda

What We Remember (Is 51:1-3)

It has been one year since we have been able to begin to work toward a vision that was given many years earlier for East Africa. As we look back to the rock from which all of this was hewn, we can really see how faithful God has been. It's hard to put into words what we know God is doing and has already done. Words on paper cannot do any justice to the look of hope on so many faces. Words cannot explain the joy that emanates from the hearts of so many women as they look toward the future. Truly, I believe, as Christ said in John 11:40, that we have seen the glory of God, his reflected nature in this particular region of the country, on the faces of these particular women. Together, then, we dream of the possibilities of the future!

More Than Just Water, Beds and a Ceiling

August 2010 | Nansana, Uganda

As some of you may know, July/August marked our second annual, month-long, Women's Disicpleship Course. What set this year apart, however, was the diversity among the women attending the class — a direct result of the various visits and conferences in the towns and villages of north, south, east and west Uganda over the course of this past year. Over 30 women from six different parts of the country, communicating in four different languages via translators, united at our home base in Nansana for one purpose: to be trained.

From First Aid Courses to Future Clinics

July 2010 | Nansana, Uganda

There is a great worship song in Uganda with the words, “it's already been done.” None of God’s children have any need that has not already been considered by God, though the way may not be known to us. I had to remind myself of this in the beginning of my time in Uganda this past month when the way seemed very much hid. It began as I prepared the material to assist in teaching a First Aid & Hygiene class for the ladies that came from six different churches in all parts of Uganda. I have no background in this subject and this was further complicated in that the class must consider the ladies limited resources and constraints. Yet, Christ cared for these ladies. As I sat across from Annette, one of the ladies from our Mityana church, while she fired off questions about what to do in the situation of a snake bite, I was at a loss.

News from the Field

Hearts are stirring all around the world regarding women’s discipleship. Here’s a glimpse at what God has been doing.

Excerpts from Massachussets, America | Jenny Perry

This morning Exodus 35:25,26 was read with brand new significance as we considered and prayed for women in missions all over the world: "All the women who had ability and were wise-hearted spun with their hands and brought what they had spun... And all the women who had ability and whose hearts stirred them up in wisdom spun the goats' hair." Each one operating in a particular call with a particular gift or ability as a member in particular, to benefit the whole (here, of Israel, as the tabernacle was being built and adorned). Then, in Exodus 35:29, "the Israelites brought a freewill offering to the LORD, all men and women whose hearts made them willing and moved them to bring anything for any of the work."

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