From First Aid Courses to Future Clinics

July 2010 | Nansana, Uganda

There is a great worship song in Uganda with the words, “it's already been done.” None of God’s children have any need that has not already been considered by God, though the way may not be known to us. I had to remind myself of this in the beginning of my time in Uganda this past month when the way seemed very much hid. It began as I prepared the material to assist in teaching a First Aid & Hygiene class for the ladies that came from six different churches in all parts of Uganda. I have no background in this subject and this was further complicated in that the class must consider the ladies limited resources and constraints. Yet, Christ cared for these ladies. As I sat across from Annette, one of the ladies from our Mityana church, while she fired off questions about what to do in the situation of a snake bite, I was at a loss.

All of the websites I had consulted instructed transporting the victim to the hospital immediately. But what if the snake bite is to the head? What if there is no hospital around? I realized these are very real situations they face that I had absolutely no answer for. Soon she made known the reasons for her questions. Her daughter had recently been bitten by a snake, and experienced complications due to some of the procedures that were initially performed. I later discovered that this was the same woman who had another daughter that was run over by a bus, and because the family did not have the means to seek medical attention, the girl dragged her leg around for weeks. All for what was a simple break. As she gave testimony about the Old T

estament classes one week later in the Ndeeba church, the change that God had done in her heart in just a few short days caused me to wonder... Could we not also call upon God as David did in Psalm 83, and ask him to defend the poor and fatherless and to do justice to the afflicted and needy? God had heard the cries of these ladies even before He made us aware of the needs.


Almost a year ago, God had given a vision to build a clinic in Nansana, near our home base church and Bible college. The initial consideration was that trained doctors and nurses from the United States could come for 3 week rotations throughout the year to offer hands on medical training for the Ugandans. The ladies could learn to administer care for injuries and ailments for their surrounding community. At the same time, it would provide some revenue to support the women’s ministry in Nansana. But as the questions began, and I had no answers, God began to open our eyes to even greater possibilities: why not also set up 3 day clinic workshops in the remote villages where these ladies were from to educate people? Or why not have some of these ladies from the villages come to Nansana for a period of time and receive first aid training, learn how to run the clinic and return to their villages to set up clinics there? It became even more evident that God was very much in this vision. Please join us in prayer for God’s mind concerning the details of this clinic.