More Than Just Water, Beds and a Ceiling

August 2010 | Nansana, Uganda

As some of you may know, July/August marked our second annual, month-long, Women's Disicpleship Course. What set this year apart, however, was the diversity among the women attending the class — a direct result of the various visits and conferences in the towns and villages of north, south, east and west Uganda over the course of this past year. Over 30 women from six different parts of the country, communicating in four different languages via translators, united at our home base in Nansana for one purpose: to be trained.


We met with each of the groups individually so that we could personally share what God had put on our hearts. We told them about our vision for a training center in Nansana where they could come, perhaps even just for a semester at a time, and take Bible college classes. We spoke about hands-on training in nursing or farming to help equip them with a tent-making skill when taking this message to the regions beyond, regions difficult to reach for a non-native speaker. And lastly, we told them about the space we had already rented to set up what is now known as the Grace Women Home; a dormitory for like-minded women to encourage one another in faith, growth, and discipleship under the covering of a loving environment. You should have seen the glimmer in their eyes!

We dream of women coming from all over East Africa for this kind of training - training on how to love one another, to prefer one another, and to serve one another... training on how to see the sacred in the seemingly minute practicalities of life... training in the Word of God and then training on how to feed others... training to be the effective ministers that 2 Corinthians 6 speaks about because we have been conformed to Christ's image. We believe that this training takes place inside and outside of the classroom and this home will be open, rent-free, for women with this same desire.

Through the help of donations, this July/August we were able, first and foremost, to bring water to the "hill". Before this, one would have to travel down a steep dirt road to fetch water from a well in plastic jugs known as jerricans, then hike back up, container by container — a treacherous journey for most foreigners. Now, the women will have up to 5,000 liters of water at their disposal. In addition, we installed gutters to catch the rain water and funnel it back into the water tank to keep the maintenance of the supply as economical as possible.  Inside the room, we installed a ceiling for privacy along with our very own light fixtures. (Remember, electricity on the "hill" is only four months gins/editors/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js" type="text/javascript"> old.) The room has been furnished with a sitting area, bunkbeds, mattresses, blankets, sheets, curtains and a fresh coat of paint and already has three new occupants.

The challenges of this vision are great as many of these women have anywhere from four to seven children back home. Furthermore, Bible college classes are taught in English, a rare skill among villagers. We plan on teaching English classes in the morning, but also encouraged the current English speakers to come so that they could take the message back to their homes, except this time in their own vernacular. Additionally, they could help translate for other ladies who wanted to come to Nansana for training. Pray with us as we embark in this new endeavor of reaching all of East Africa, one face at a time.

01_CeilingConstruction1.jpg 02_CeilingConstruction2.jpg 03_Scaffolding.jpg 04_WaterTowerBeginnings.jpg 05_WaterTowerBase.jpg 06_PuttingUpGutters.jpg 07_Painting1.jpg 08_Painting2.jpg 09_BunkBeds.jpg 10_PuttingUpCurtains.jpg 11_Unpacking.jpg 12_FinishedProduct.jpg 13_SittingArea.jpg 14_Entryway.jpg 15_HopeAndRuth.jpg 16_Mildred.jpg 17_SittingArea2.jpg 18_HopeAndRuth2.jpg

Installing the Ceiling and Gutters for the Water Tank: