Our First Clinic!

My experience in Uganda was amazing!!! I had been praying for years for such an opportunity to arise, and once again, God was faithful.

I spent some of my time in Uganda running clinics. One clinic was held in Nansana, a town near the capital, and another one in Mityana, a town in a more remote part of the country. Initially, the goal was to provide check-ups and appropriate treatment for the children of the orphanages. The needs and demands, however, extended to Ugandans from local communities. We were blessed with donations of funds and supplies and were thus able to tend to the majority of people that came seeking help. In the two days that the clinics were held, over 150 patients were seen. With the help of very knowledgeable Ugandan nurses we addressed cases, of malaria, stomach worms, head, body and feet fungal infections, malnutrition, anemia, diabetes and hypertension to name a few. It was a miracle indeed to have been able to tend to all those needs.

The vision for Uganda is to eventually have a mobile clinic of sorts. This “clinic on wheels” would help address issues of unavailable health care, the distance needed to travel to acquire health care, and of course the unaffordable cost of health care to the patients. Great strides were made on this trip as all the orphans and numerous people were seen, ailments were identified and addressed, and long term care plans were put in place. There was also an abundant amount of supplies that were made available for both orphanages to last several months. Measures have also been taken to provide for health care providers to go out to both Nansana and Mityana at least once a month. The vision for Uganda is very much alive. Continue to pray for God’s perfect will to be done in Uganda.

Thanks for your prayers and God bless,

Dr. Bella Ahanogbe