A Testimony from an Unnamed Country

I have the privilege of traveling several times a year to a country where the name of Jesus is not very welcome by the governing authorities.  The people, on the other hand, are often quite willing and curious to hear about him; many have heard only his name, and many haven't even heard that.  The openness varies, of course, depending on the individual, and also somewhat depending on the location.  I have traveled to different cities in this country, and can sense different ruling spirits of the unseen principalities and authorities, as all laborers in the field become aware of in this battle of the ages.

In the beginning of October, I visited some dear friends in a new, quiet labor in one of these cities.  They have been there two years, praying, making friends, studying the language, steadily sharing very good news with the friends God gives them.  In the last year, several of these very dear people have gotten saved.  The week I traveled there I accompanied my friends visiting many of these new believers and almost-believers, and also having them over often for dinner.  I have the advantage of speaking the language there, having studied it in this country many years ago, and I was again, as I often am, so very thankful that in God's sovereign plan he gave me the opportunity to learn that language.  The joy of being able to freely share Christ there with those He is newly drawing, whether not saved yet or just getting to know Him, is beyond words.  This country is a field white unto harvest.

One of my last evenings there, we had a little ladies Bible study in my friends' apartment.  There were about eight local women, one of whom wasn't saved, the others mostly saved during the last year.  I taught about seeking the Lord and finding Him, learning to recognize Christ when He is "passing by," and seeking His righteousness, seeking His kingdom.  The young spiritual capacities were being stirred, attention and reception were keen.  Afterwards we had a discussion, and the local women were very excited, sharing readily with each other their experience of seeking Christ in their lives, and how their lives had changed since they came to know him and were learning to follow him and put him first.  I just listened, rapt, with tears in my eyes, so privileged to view something hidden yet so great.