Atlanta, Atlanta...

Sincere apologies for not having posted in awhile. However, I assure you that the silence does not mean that we have not been active.

Back in August, we took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to help a friend, who actively participates in our bookstore outreach, salvage a house she owns.  But, what was just meant to be a home improvement trip quickly became so much more. While digging in the front yard, we mistakenly (or so we thought) hit the water main, which rapidly began flooding the neighborhood.  We called the city’s emergency hotline, and by God's grace, had great supernatural peace in the midst of this disaster and so were able to minister to the workmen they had dispatched, particularly one man named Cliff.  He began asking questions about what we were doing there in Atlanta, and also, what it is that we do as missionaries. We talked for a while and then after maybe a half hour, he left.  Three hours later, he came back and said, "I just have to hear more!"  We sat with him for another hour or so talking about how we plant churches, Bible Colleges, and raise up full-time Christian workers.  This was exactly what he had been praying for.  He invited us to his house the next day to meet his family, and to his church on Sunday.

As the long weekend continued, our interactions with Cliff and the people of that area, many of whom were formerly Hurricane Katrina victims, seemed nothing short of miraculous.  It was apparent to all present that God was moving.  God had brought an Acts 16 Macedonian man to us.  After we returned home, we continued praying, and God seemed to keep confirming--Atlanta!  The owner of the house there also recognized that God was speaking, and has dedicated the house to missions--amazing!

So now, we have made monthly commitments to continue taking trips down to Atlanta and have just returned from our second trip. As we are working with another non-profit, you can get frequent updates by visiting their website, Grace Outside.