The Difference Between a Talent and a Gift

In last week’s Bible study we learned and defined the difference between our talents and gifts.  We must understand that before God, our talents, gifts, and skills, do not add value or fruit to our lives.

Often this can lead to a misunderstanding based on an incorrect value system that can drive me to focus on gifts in the church, which can give me a certain level of attention and then move to desiring position and then popularity.

“My fruit has zero to do with my gifts and my natural talent and my skill level.  I will not be rewarded because I was incredibly gifted, talented or because I showed great skill.  When we are speaking of the parable of the pound and talent we are speaking of fruit.”

How is that fruit achieved?  My fruit is acquired by ministry.  Not by my gift, nor by my talent and not by my natural skill.  All of these things are potential tools for ministry.

For example, there was a famous Christian runner, called Eric Liddell, who won the 1924 Summer Olympics.  He had a natural talent and said. “When I run I feel God.”  That was a natural talent used for ministry.

“A natural talent has no value in it if it’s not submitted to a ministry”

The location of our ministry is Calvary.  The Cross must touch every aspect of my life.  My ministry is on the other side of the Cross and without the person having a ministry, my gifts, talents, and skills will be wood, hay, and stubble when I get to Heaven.

“To the degree that these three things are not submitted to ministry, whether to God or to the people around me, there will be a waste of what we call talent”

God does not gain pleasure from my natural talent.  He gave it.  God gains pleasure by what I add.  The only way I add is by having a ministry.  He is incredibly blessed when I, the friend of the Bride-groom, minister to the crowds and I give them Him and He is glorified.

“The tools of ministry are found on the road of ministry”

Ministry is burden and burden is necessary.  It’s found only on that road - the road of ministry.  We will love His appearing and finish our course with joy.  We won’t be in Heaven handing in our portfolio, what remains will be ministry.  God is not looking for the people who want to get the glory.

On the road of ministry you can do a lot of things.  You can say, “Silver and gold have I none.  In the name of Jesus Christ rise up and walk.”

It matters very little, if you have a natural gift, enjoy it.  It’s a gift.  Eric Liddell ran and felt God, others didn’t.

See value in God’s greatest creation, man.  It’ll free you and make you stand above everything else and you will be surprised what God will have you do and who God will have you physically save.  You will be released to run!  We don’t want people to be associating value with the wrong thing.  We want to learn freedom and effectiveness, through the Cross and ministry, then teach others to have a ministry and run with freedom and effectiveness.

These thoughts were taken from our Monday night Bible Study. To listen to the whole message, click here.