Ministry Doesn’t have a Stopping Point

In last week’s Bible Study we spoke about our ministry not having a stopping point. Our natural talents and natural skills will rise and reach a plateau but then will eventually descend and cease. This is because our natural man perishes. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts exist and continue to grow but even they will have a stopping point, because the gifts God gives us are passing.

However, one thing that does not have a stopping point or plateau is ministry. We look not on the things that are seen but on the things that are unseen.  Ministry is unseen, because the work is the Holy Spirit and we are the treasure.

“The treasure is not a natural talent, it is not a natural skill, it is not a gift, but the treasure is the Holy Spirit, inside of us working through us”

Our gifts, talents and skills are not a ministry in and of themselves.  I have to have a different set of values like valuing a soul or valuing the poor. God gives us such a love for them that it pours out of us and becomes so much bigger than any gift, skill or talent.

Pride can kill the expression of my skill, talent or gift; therefore, all three must pass through the Cross if they are to have any use in ministry.

“My talent and my skill are generally personal and once it passes through the Cross it then becomes public, because I use it for God.”

Spiritual gifts were personally given for public use and are categorically defined by Scripture.  They are limited by definition and can remain undeveloped.  They are effective based upon spirituality and maturity.  They can be mistaken for a talent and a person can be carnal with their gifts.

The biggest thing is that these things perish or have a limited effect. God is looking for available ministers.

God is looking for people He can trust His poor and broken with.  There is opportunity, people around us, and we need to go to them because God wants us to go to them.  There are certain flames that are not meant to go out.

“We believe that we are so poor that we need God to speak to the poor.  My poverty plus their poverty equals spiritual growth, it doesn’t seem like it but it is the only recipe.  Don’t let me miss it, because people’s lives are at stake and so is mine”

These thoughts were taken from our Monday night Bible Study. To listen to the whole message, click here.