A Full Semester of Ministry

In this Bible Study, we spoke and defined what ministry is all about. We talked about the problem of zeroing in on gifts and identifying the gifts instead of identifying that I have a ministry. Not understanding that I have a ministry can put me in a place where I could potentially think of myself as lesser person in the church, or as a believer, rather than acknowledging that I have a ministry.

My gifts are expressions of ministry-We don’t go around trying to identify Christ’s gifts, because it’s the ministry of Christ that’s so important to us. The fullest expression of my life would be that Christ would be so fully formed in me that the ministry of Christ would come through my life because He has made me to be that. Therefore, if I die and never know the gifts…The ministry of the life of Christ is enough.

Within the church on a daily basis, on a moment by moment basis, there is a spiritual masterpiece going on and it doesn’t need my “screwdriver”, necessarily. I don’t need to put my screwdriver into it but there is a concentration, a focus, of what the ministry is here. What is the ministry of the Holy Spirit, in this moment, as He manifests Christ? What is that and how do I further that? Sometimes, that is why there is quietness. I am just focused on the ministry because that’s where life is.

Life is not in me to find the screw driver, but it’s in me to focus on the masterpiece. God is shaping us for ministry as we are ministering to Him. The parable of the talent and the pound was a parable based on a poor understanding of the master, so they ended up with no talent.

A poor relationship with God creates paralysis in ministry. A poor relationship with God creates a private mission. Christ is formed in me, Christ is formed through me, and to the people around me. I have a constant ministry and I am ministering to God and that is coming from a proper relationship with God.

The beauty of ministering is that when we are in tune with God, we learn to appreciate each other’s ministry. Greatness is fulfilling my ministry and appreciating others in their ministry. True greatness is a picture of who Christ was and what He said. He put the child in front of them and said, “Except you receive the Kingdom as a little child,” there will be no greatness. Greatness is also when I serve: “I am among you as He that serves.”

Am I available? God will bring people to us, to test that. People are not our little check marks and pegs on the board. They may be in and out of our life. It is the ministry of the moment. Seek to be an expert in that, of being “ears and eyes”; just to be with people and not move past them. If I am really getting to know the bride groom I will find that His eye is on others and it’s not about activity but about intent. God calculates things from the heart. He calculates intent. The only thing that matters in defining ministry is the loss of my life, and I do it because of Christ.

This message is taken from our Monday night Bible Study. To hear the full message, click here.