A Rare Treat

It's not everyday that you get to see an act of ministry come full circle, but yesterday was one of those blessed days. Tuesday night is our usual night for Bible Study and La Tascha taught an awesome message on the gift of exhortation. (Stay tuned for the message, it should be posted very shortly.) We had a couple of newer people at the Bible Study and one of those ladies asked if she could find the recordings of previous messages. Someone pointed her to our website, and the first thing she saw was the picture of the Valentine's Day cookies proclaiming, "Nobody loves you like God loves you". Immediately, she recognized them and proceeded to tell us about how down and depressed she had been on Valentine's Day. The plaguing feelings of loneliness had overwhelmed her and that was all she had been thinking about when we interrupted her shopping trip with a beautifully decorated Valentine's Day cookie in the Giant parking lot. She wasn't sure quite what to think until she read the words, "Nobody loves you like God loves you". She said in that moment, her spirit completely lifted and she realized that God was the best Valentine, and that He loved her, and everything was going to be ok. She could not express how much it blessed her and made her week and after learning a little bit more about her life, I got to understand all of the suffering that she has been through over the past couple of years and how much that reminder of God's love really touched her. To be able to hear the testimony of "what a cookie can do" was more than we truly expected. The icing on the cake for us, of course, was to be able to then fellowship with her at a Bible study more than a month later, and to learn about her life, and encourage her in deeper pursuits of God's calling as she is hungrily feeling after his will and how He might want her to make an impact on this world. Very cool.