Find The Christ!

It's been an incredible few weeks. Watching the new students in our York Extension Bible School blossom has been a true privilege. Many of them drive to Baltimore for Friday night class, and then get back late only to come back early Saturday morning for 8am class. The first week, all of them said they were so excited after Friday night's class, they couldn't sleep. Cute!

Last Saturday, we were double booked. We had the kick off of our Extension Bible School, as well as our annual Women's Labor Day Retreat. La Tascha became very ill Saturday morning, but managed to speak (sitting down) Sunday morning and boy, was it worth it. She spoke about finding the Christ in our brothers and sisters because unity is paramount. In a day and age where the world is pounding down our doors, the only way to withstand this assault is to find power in a united front. Therefore, there is no space for sloppy thinking about another brother or sister in Christ. What we do not know or do not understand must be given to God and we must believe the best. The person you are judging may be another Mary with a bump in her belly (that tramp!). No, actually,... a blessed virgin. Things don't always look the best at face value.

On our end, she said that it's important to find the Christ in a person. Hunt for it. The benefit of the doctrine of eternal security is that if the person is born again, you know Christ is in there somewhere. She gave an illustration of a three-sided creature. The first side is the good, the second side is the bad, but the third side is the Christ. It is easy to know a person after the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Heck, our eyes were opened and we were made to be like God, right? But, the Bible is clear in that all was concluded under sin, and one person's good will eventually offend us, the other shoe will drop, so to speak, and then they will become marked in our mind. It would be so much better to throw all of that old thinking out (it stinks!) and look for the Christ in a person. Each believer is blood bought. Christ paid a high price for each one of us. How much more, then, shall we value our fellow believers in the same light. She ends the message with some practical tips for helping to find the Christ in a person. I highly recommend listening to the message. It's posted here if you'd like to listen. Thanks for all your prayers. God is really moving.