Meet Theresa

Hi Everyone,

Meet Theresa. Theresa came from an outreach that La Tascha did in her Bible College days over 25 years ago in the projects of Baltimore. She still faithfully comes to church every Sunday and Wednesday. For the past 20 years, Theresa has been trying to get her GED so she can come to Bible College but she cannot read or write. This semester, under the supervision of our care, the Bible College has made an exception and accepted her with a full scholarship.

Every Monday and Tuesday, Theresa comes proudly to class, grinning from ear to ear to listen. She records the classes on her phone so she can listen to them again later. Midterms are coming up and she has some papers due. She asked us for some help. So far, she has been using voice to text as she speaks into her phone to write her papers, but she is not sure that her papers are saying exactly what they need to say.

We learned last night at Bible study that the day we knocked on her door 25 years ago, was the day she was about to start doing drugs. The guy she was with at the time was already doing drugs, and she had made the decision that she was going to start that day as well. I cannot imagine what her life would have been had we not knocked on her door. What an amazing testimony for the urgency of soulwinning. We also learned last night, as tears were streaming down her face, that her parents have disowned her and taken her daughter from her, calling her "stupid" and "dumb", and "unfit to be a mother". She said, "words hurt." But, as she spoke about Bible College, she said with confidence, "I know God has something really big for me."

We will start tutoring her several hours a week to make sure that she is understanding classes and completing her assignments. She will speak her papers to us, and we will type. Life's Theresa's are important to God. Thanks for joining us in supporting those like Theresa as we continue to help these new Bible College students get through the school year and find out just how big God's plans are for them.