God Loves Women

We just returned from a multinational missions trip to South Africa, Zimbabwe, France, and England. Although we were not sure exactly what we were going to expect in each country, we very much sensed the workings of Ephesians 2:10. There were great works preordained for us to walk in, particularly with regards to women. Perhaps, like the cries of the Israelites in Egypt, God had heard, and God was sending. La Tascha was asked to speak session after session to an unexpectedly large audience. The women were very hungry. Beyond the boundaries of nationality, age, and culture, women's hearts were aching to know their value and their place before God. Below, is an excerpt written from La Tascha to one of the women's leaders in Uganda regarding the trip.

"I spoke extensively in South Africa and Zimbabwe on value, vision, virtue and spiritual imagination. It seems to be God's heartbeat for the moment. Isn't it amazing that God's first words to women were judgement as recorded in the Bible in Genesis 3? I believe this is in the psyche of many women. God says, "What have you done?" Other than a small hint of his love for us in Genesis 16 concerning Hagar and then to Manoah's wife in Judges 13, we do not hear from God personally until Christ comes on the scene. What a beautiful moment in Luke 1:28, when Gabriel announces to all of women, not just to Mary, God's intent, and really, what God thinks of us. "Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women." I believe the blessing to Mary is not that she is above women, per say, but she is the first to hear after so many thousands of years of silence, that God loves women and has a call on their lives. That is her blessing."

La Tascha did an incredible session on the chronological development of women's ministry in the Bible. I don't think I've ever heard anything like that before. From the first encounter in Genesis 3, to a full blown model of of our precious ministry to Christ in the gospels, God loves women. The trip was amazing. Many women were weeping. Not just in South Africa or Zimbabwe, but also in France. Two quick testimonies among the many that have already been forgotten. Between the three countries, one older woman told me, and then publicly said it again, that finally, she could sleep at night. That for decades, she has not slept well because her heart was sick and deeply troubled. She said she slept like a baby for the first time since she could remember after hearing what we spoke on. Her heart was at rest. A second woman, from another country, said that she and her mom were deeply blessed because their whole lives, they had thought that they had been created to just be mothers, and for the first time, a heavy burden had been lifted off, especially her mom's shoulders. From this, La Tascha asked, "Is not this the gospel? Is this not the purpose of women's ministry. As I stood watching so many women weep, some returning to church after so many years, some very deeply wounded, I was completely mesmerized and gutted. God values women. God values women's ministry. Praise to the one who does not forget his dreamers."

The sessions were recorded and will be added to the website shortly. Thanks for all your prayers regarding the trip. It was a very rich time.