Much To Say

A lot has happened since our last update although we have only been back a few short weeks.

Christmas Cookie Outreach

First, we officially kicked off our annual Christmas Cookie Outreach. So far, we have 3,500 cookies under our belt. Great job, guys and thanks to ALL who have donated funds, supplies, prayers and time! For those of you who don't know, this is our fifth year doing this outreach. La Tascha has always had a heart for people during the holidays. She has known what it is like to spend it alone and to feel like you have no one who cares. Therefore, we have always opened up our home to include anyone and everyone for the holidays, but five years ago, she put forth the vision of baking home-made Christmas cookies, tied off with a message about the love of God and hitting the streets to find anyone who needs a touch from heaven (don't we all!). This year is no different, but just on a larger scale. I think we will end up baking something like 15,000-20,000 cookies. We have taken orders from people in the church so that they can give out cookies in their own outreaches or work places. It's amazing how willing people are to take a cookie and therefore read a gospel tract. Secondly, we've partnered with some other local and regional churches as well as some Baltimore City homeless shelters to hand out cookies there. We are excited to see what God will do this year through the many cookies we have made with love.


We had a very sweet Thanksgiving. Intimate, but filled with people from all walks of life. Some we are only just getting to know, and some we have known for years. What made it even sweeter was breaking up into teams to host Thanksgiving for two women's homeless shelters. This was our first year partnering with New Vision House of Hope, a locally based Baltimore non-profit, and their women's homeless shelters. Thanks to our donors of pies and turkeys, all those who cooked, and the team who went out to serve, we were able to provide a full thanksgiving feast. The women were moved and unbelievably grateful that they were able to have a real Thanksgiving. We believe this is only the beginning of a beautiful relationship with New Vision House of Hope and their ladies.


After cleaning up the Thanksgiving meal, we left at 7am the next morning to drive to our sister church in Montreal, Canada. There were fourteen of us on this trip. The weekend was power-packed and met with a very special anointing from God for evangelism and deep encouragement to the body there. The weekend began with a ladies' Bible Study at a lady's house who is newly saved in the church. She was deeply blessed as were all those who attended the Bible study. God continues to speak to our hearts about the value and ministry of women. Saturday morning, we had a tremendous time on evangelism. Each team that was sent out could tell stories, but just to highlight a few. The man sitting next to us in McDonald's as we were meeting to go out, ended up coming to our Saturday night concert and then brought his girlfriend to come to church on Sunday. One of the houses La Tascha knocked on invited her in because it was so cold. Little did she know, the lady was a Mormon! Nevertheless, inactive because she has had to take care of her mom day in and day out who has been in a vegetative state. This lady was hungry for the gospel and promised La Tascha she would make it to the concert that night. She did. In fact, she brought her daughter, and her daughter got saved at the concert. Incredible! The concert, interspersed with anointed skits, mime, testimonies, and preaching, resulted in two salvations, church the next day had seven new visitors, Gwen had one of the most memorable soulwinning experiences at an Indian restaurant answering question after question from a hungry Religious Studies professor. The stories are endless, God was good, and our hearts were greatly enriched. We are planning another summer harvest there in late July. Thanks, P. James, Jill, and the rest of the Montreal church, for welcoming us with such open arms. When the people lift Christ up high, God cannot help but show up, and He did.


Please pray for us as we turn our full attention to this Christmas season. It is a time for souls, souls, souls. God bless you.