Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

To all of our donors, prayer warriors, volunteers, and cookie evangelists, we cannot thank you enough for all of your help during this past Christmas season. It was a red banner year for us.

I think the first year we did the cookie outreach, we made about 300 cookies and passed them around to our neighbors on platters. In the second year, we went up to 1,000, the third year, 3,000, the fourth year 10,000, and this year, we had anticipated anywhere from 12,000 to 14,000 but due to the overwhelming success and demand for more, we ended up baking 20,000 cookies.

It's a joy to think about where all these cookies went. Each year, we have wondered, "what can a cookie do?" and in years past, we have searched the highways and byways looking for those who were down and out and needed a touch from heaven. This practically meant people at malls, bus stations, train stations and the like. But, this year, much of the cookie distribution went into the hands of others to give out in their areas of influence. From just a few of the testimonies, we know that these cookies went out to mobility drivers, methadone clinics, dialysis clinics, homeless shelters, government agencies, college campuses, and diverse neighborhoods all around the greater Baltimore area. Each cookie pack, with two beautiful homemade cookies and a cookie tag talking about the love of God and the gospel message. Up until the last days before Christmas, people were calling for more cookies to hand out. This year, more than the previous years, people's hearts were so very open to these cookies. We are grateful to God to have had the experience of the past four years to aid us in being able to make 20,000 cookies this year while this window is still open. Thanks again to everyone who played a part. Only heaven knows what a cookie did this year! I just have fun thinking about it.