Summer Harvests

It's been an eventful summer full of conferences, mission trips and church planting here in York, Pennsylvania.

We kicked off the summer with our annual missions conference in Marlboro, Massachusetts, and then ran three booths at our international convention in Baltimore, MD. It was a great time of seeing people from near and far, and hearing about how God has been working in their lives.

Montreal, Canada

Shortly thereafter, we spent a week with our sister church in Montreal, Canada. You may remember that we had visited this same church Thanksgiving weekend of last November. We packed out a 15 passenger van with musical equipment, speakers, portable batteries, balloon animal supplies, mime props, and so on and took a drive up to blitz Montreal with the gospel. It was a great time. We went from park to park gathering crowds, singing, performing skits and mime, and sketchboard (a creative way of street preaching using illustration). The testimonies from the church members were overwhelming. They could not believe the freedom we had to proclaim the gospel, and the anointing we carried while we ministered to the people of Montreal. People were open and souls were touched. Pastor James exclaimed by the end of the week, "I think Montreal has definitely heard the gospel this week!" It was great to be with the church there, and we plan to go back again in November.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Similarly, we just returned from a weekend trip to our sister church in Cincinnati, Ohio. A few weekends ago, we decided to drive to Kentucky to see the replica of Noah's Ark that had just opened. Then, we realized that we had a church only 45 minutes from the Ark in Ohio and decided to stay and bless them for Sunday service. Pastor Bob Schwartz and his wife Johnda were thrilled and asked us to come back only a few weeks later to help their efforts at the town festival. So, we said, sure, why not? We told them we would come up with a crew to do free face painting, balloon animals, music, and sketchboard, and that is exactly what we did. The festival was a hit, the traffic flow was non-stop for balloons and face painting, and we took advantage of this attraction by doing frequent sets of sketchboard while we had crowds of parents and children. I could not help but think that while they were in our presence, we had the responsibility to tell them of God's love towards them in the midst of such a world that wanted to chew them up and spit them out. To give you an idea of the atmosphere, there was a famous rock band there one night screaming in the background, "we're on a highway to hell!". Yes, this was true, and yet in our booth, we had this small space of grace to them there was a way out.

Upcoming Weeks

For the upcoming weeks, we'll be hitting local fairs and festivals in the York, PA area to help bolster our Bible College before the beginning of our third semester. Please pray for our Bible College, the interest has been strong, we believe it really has the ability to turn this area around. We would love for people from various churches to get trained in our Bible School and help to effectively and biblically lead others in their spheres of influence.