Do We Matter?

We were recently in New Hampshire as honorary guests to another church’s retreat. On the last night of the retreat, an impromptu discussion arose amongst a group of ladies gathered around La Tascha... "wait, so you don't believe in women pastors?"

This has been a common question asked by women all around the world. If not aloud, then for many, in their hearts. But, we know that the underlying questions really being asked here are: As a woman, what place do I have in a church? Do I have opportunities of ministry where I can be effective?

Less than 48 hours later, almost 10,000 miles across the globe, we sat in a shipping container in South Africa, where over 20 women were gathered asking the same questions. Fast forward one more week, we held a two-and-a-half-hour Bible College session with the women students discussing the exact same topic. Too many women, though hungry to live for God, “move on" in life because this question is never answered for them. The analogy I give regarding women pastorates is much like God’s instructions to Adam and Even regarding the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil in the garden of Eden. Too many women will never understand that the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil is not the only tree in the Garden of Eden. God's instructions did not only state, "do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil", but rather began with, "of every tree of the garden you may freely eat… ". But, how many women have been oblivious to the other trees in the garden and have only known about the one prohibition of the one tree. There are, in fact, so many needful avenues of ministry and impact for women, but unfortunately for most, they are lost in the clamoring over that which is prohibited: women pastorates.

The scriptures are clear that the position of Pastor is to be filled by men. There is an order in church government that God has set. But, that does not mean that women cannot have an effective ministry in the kingdom of God, because impact has nothing to do with position. It is possible to empower women in the church without usurping authority. Christ said of the woman with the alabaster box of oil, "leave her alone, she has done what she could". He said of the woman from Canaan, "O woman, great is thy faith, be it unto thee even as thou wilt". In both of those examples, the women were the ones in their respective situation that made the greatest impact. Dorcas was another example of a woman that had impact in the kingdom. We learn in her death of all the people that were touched by her life her because of the ways she helped and served them. So, too, can we ladies have impact in God's kingdom. God has given each one of us a very unique spiritual calling and as we get to know Him, our place and portion in the kingdom clear to us.

We finished off the journey in Montpellier, France, where we held a weekend women’s seminar on the necessity of a devotional life. The turnout was incredible. There were women of all ages, (hungry teenagers included), from all over France and even neighboring countries, that traveled to the south of France just for this conference. The women came ready to listen, again, seeking answers to deep questions that plague the soul. Again, questions of purpose, questions of place, and questions of value. It is clear that women are craving to understand their personal design and spiritual potential in the Kingdom. It is also becoming apparent that if we do not show them the answers to these questions, then we will lose many of them. May we endeavor to keep these truths before us as we continue in the call of God.